Critical Reading Group

Critical Reading Group

The Critical Reading Group (CRG) was established in Autumn 2007 as a space for Muslims from diverse backgrounds to meet and critically and playfully explore the works of important scholars and thinkers. The initiative has organised close to 100 two?hour weekly evening sessions over the past four years, engaged with an incredible array of subjects, and honed a spiritual, intellectual and practical fellowship. Its 2009 public engagement event The Iqbal Sessions can be found on YouTube.  Currently the group is widening participation and making the transition from critical reading to creative problematising.

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Critical Reading Group hopes to engage with the writing of thinkers, scientists, philosophers and theologians – some well-known, others not so well-known – who have had or continue to have a profound, perhaps surprising influence in the world of ideas as we experience it today. We anticipate that the group will consist of Muslims  who take seriously but critically the undeniable edifice of most, if not all, great civilizations: fellowship, faith, learning and scholarship.

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