This is a transnational collaboration of artists, activists and critical ‘development people’. It is a resource for those interested in overcoming the negative impacts (direct and indirect) of the international development industry, and creating new ways of islah (reform).

Introducing Developmentia

  • What is development?

  • What are the impacts and traps of the development industry?

  • What are the alternatives?

  • I simply want to 'make a difference', not get caught in energy sapping discourse...


As a compound of development and dementia, the term developmentia challenges the ideology of development as a social good and makes the idiocy of the development industry clear for us in order that we act more wisely. It is a much needed idea in a world where costly marketing campaigns, political coercion and failures of imagination have dulled our abilities to nurture a world to His pleasure and conduct islah.


Developmentia has subjects and prosecuters but also intermediaries; those in its crosshairs, the developmented and  much mediatised beneficiaries. It describes a common institutionalised attitude that prevents actual improvement and selfhood.  Methods that it employs include; cooption of talent, manipulative science, suffocation through technocracy, resource wastage and strategic misdirection. It can be difficult to see as it is normally camouflaged as virtue.


Developmentia is not just about the development industry, it is manifest in fields of learning, war, governance, social work and religion. Since conception, IMASE and OtherAsias have pursued this as a joint initiative, bringing arts and science back together for enhanced creativity and scope.  At present the team is collecting eyewitness accounts of developmentia and creating visual resources.


The initial public face for the project is through the developmentia blog.  Featuring a timeline, keywords, misconceptions and a reading list,  it is regularly updated with text, comment and multimedia, providing multiple points of entry to this work in order to bring about wider consciousness of developmentia.


If you have any experiences you think you might like to share with us, we invite you to get in touch.

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